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Sunday, 8 December 2013

WIP Finished: My Bed Socks (the 7 stitch per inch sock take two)

Are you ready for the sock love?! I have to say this was a wonderful yarn to work with and I love, love, love the colours.

This was Rico Design Superba Mexico, 75% Wool, 25% Nylon (Polyamide), 420m per 100g. I knit the Ann Budd Pattern 7-stitches-per-inch-sock (Ravelry Link), from the book 'Getting Started Knitting Socks'. You can find my Ravlery project page.
I knit 52 stitches round, with a 1x1 rib for an inch, 6 inch (total) to heel flap start. A 1 x 1 rib for heel and 6.5 inches (total) for foot length before toe decrease. This gave me a bed sock.

The final socks weighed 52g, meaning I should have had 48g left in the skein... but I actually had 44g. This is a lesson for if I knit longer socks... weight your skein first, so you know exactly what you have to play with! The left overs are enough to knit a shorter leg pair for me, or if my adjustments work I could knit a pair of regular socks.

I really wanted to get some more of this yarn in different colours, but it's not on the Rico Design website. I wonder if they still make it? Anyone seen any on website and in shops on your travels? Please let me know below.

Have a wonderful day... Sara x

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