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Friday, 13 December 2013

Hand Dyed Top Collection - RASPBERRY CHOCOLATE: Swatches and Ideas

Raspberry Chocolate is the colour of indulgent chocolate cakes; made up of shades of raspberry through to chocolate.

The colour is a kettle dyed variegation, meaning that no two bumps are the same even in the same dye pot. This gives you some interesting themes to work on when spinning and felting your work.

I have spun and knit two samples for inspiration;

  1. Single DK weight on 5mm needles. Spinning my fibre direct from the top allows the colours to play out as they appear in the braid and lightly blend via drafting.
  2. Two ply Chunky weight on 5mm needles. Tearing the braid into two equally portions and spinning directly from the top allows the colours to marl much more in knitting.
These are two options, of course you may wish to try many other methods and get a different look. If you decide to ply against a semi solid colour in the same base then look out for my colours: Raspberry, Cocoa and Claret.

Raspberry Chocolate is available from me at
Here are some ideas on what you could make if you chose to spin;

These are; In Threes (I just finished one here... wip finished: all the threes in tourmaline), Boxy, Voodoo you love me? and Pogona. These are all available from
Have a wonderful day... Sara x

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