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Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Fleece Gatherer's Day Out

We packed food and water and left before the temperature started to rise... 'Off to the farms!' I exclaimed... 'Its time to get some new fleece.'

Patch came with us and I'm very proud to say did very well indeed. This was the furthest we've been yet in the car and knowing she can get a little car sick I wanted to take a bit more care getting around the farms. Not only was she great in the car, but took to the horses and sheep without any fuss.

So what fleece did I pick up? Well, let's see;
  1. Teeswater
  2. Masham (Massam)
  3. Teeswater, Kerry Hill cross
  4. A black Wensleydale
  5. A black Teeswater and Kerry Hill cross
Most if which I will have raw on the site from next week...

As soon as I'm allowed to get processing and dyeing again I also plan to have some measured locks and dyed fleece locks too. I will keep you updated on that. If you are a member of my newsletter group at then you will get notice first, so don't forget to go sign up on the website!

We are back home now and after a bit of feet up time, we'll get on with some house work before we start boxing for Fibre East next week.

Have a great day!
Sara x

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