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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tour De Fleece 2013 planning

After nearly a month of no spinning I'm chomping at the bit to get started on the Tour de Fleece this year! We start officially on Saturday and I now have a team of about 15 people... of course there is still room to join if you want to play with us.


Yesterday I went through my fibre stash and found all of my samplers staring at me... what should I do with them? My samplers are the lengths of hand dyed tops that I create when I am designing for my Fibre Clubs. Some go on to become club colourways and eventually on the shop colour card, while others get put to the side for another day, or discarded altogether. I have a full bag of them, enough to fill my fleece basket... but what to do with them?


I can't spin on my spindle for long at the moment and certainly can’t touch my wheel yet, so small samplers are perfect for spinning during the Tour de Fleece. I'm going to plough ahead and pick up one small bump at a time and ask it what it wants to be... maybe a standard two ply, or a fractal spin? Maybe plied with a solid colour, or a textural tonal? Maybe a rainbow single? I'm going to leave it up to how I feel on the day and concentrate on having fun with my friends. In the end I hope to get a few mini skeins of interesting colours, textures and ideas that I can combine into one big project or use for trimmings to others.


I'm looking forward to it...I hope you will join in with us,

Sara x

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