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Friday, 1 March 2013

Sara’s Texture Crafts & Rosy Retro SAL KAL 2013

Ok, so here’s the deal… The fabulous Tabs from Rosy Retro and I have teamed up to run a SAL/KAL (Spin-along/Knit-along) in my group on Ravelry.

This is an easy one and a chance to work our way through some stash… no purchasing necessary (but always greatly appreciated).

How to Win:

  • You must be a member of the Sara’s Texture Crafts Ravelry Group.
  • You must enter at least one finished project (knitted, crocheted, or woven) with hand spun yarn from your stash. This can be anything from natural wools, blends, hand dyed, or batts and it doesn’t have to be something you have purchased from Sara’s Texture Crafts or Rosy Retro… although that does help and you’ll find out why…
  • Chat as much as you like in the thread on Ravelry, in fact we want you too! Tell us what you are making and how/why. You can also ask questions if you are a new spinner/knitter.
  • Feel free to share the SAL KAL info on your blog, or Facebook/twitter… we’d love as many people to take part as possible. You can use the image above as a badge/link to the group if you’d like.
  • Winners will be drawn randomly from this thread.
  • Entries are based on points. One point equals one entry. This is how you can accrue points;
    • 1 point for completing a project with hand spun yarn made during this salkal.
    • 1 extra point if it is fibre purchased from Sara’s Texture Crafts, or Rosy Retro. It can be a purchase you have had stashed for a while, or something new.


Important Dates:

March 1st2013 – SAL/KAL opens.

March – spin up yarns and add them to your Ravelry stash page.

April - knit from your stashed hand spun yarn.

May 1st2013 – Competition closes.



1stprize - Tabs is giving away a wonderful sock project bag (big enough for smaller projects, like socks, hats, etc…) and I will be giving away a 100g braid of hand dyed top in your choice of colour and base from my custom listing at


2ndPrize – 100g of natural wool fibre from Any of my natural shades and bases.


I hope you will join in with Tabs and I… we’d love to spend some time crafting with you over the next few months.


Websites – www.sarastexturecrafts.comand


If you are on social media, you can find Tabs and I at;


Facebook –

Twitter – @SARASTEXTURECRand @Rosyretro

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