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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sara's Texture Crafts Sal Kal Batt Droppings

I went for a 3ply in the end… I wanted the colour to pop against the grey Ryeland (in the shop), but in a subtle way. If I left it as a two ply the yarn would be to garish to wear.

I’m plying using my Ashford Competition Lazy Kate, as the tension is allowing for a much more even ply on this finer weight… I’m enjoying it.

I have yet to finish. I think there's about 1-2 days more plying left to do, so I'm not sure what yardage I'll get. It does look promising though, considering I only have 62g singles.

Stashed yarn page on Ravelry -

SAL/KAL page -


What to knit... any suggestions?

Sara x


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