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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

SAL/KAL update

Here's where I am at with the Sal/Kal on Ravelry...

I started with what I am terming 'Batt Droppings' these where small pulled roving nests from batt production waste (62g in total). I had a wide range of colour and texture... anything from Merino and Corriedale to silk, bamboo and cotton.

I spun them up into a fine single... keeping texture as I spun (cobweb to lace weight in the main with textured bumps).

When I finished I was keen to ply this against a natural/neutral shade. As the colours were so varied and mixed I didn't want yet more colour on a second ply. This would have been too much and made what they call a 'yarn barf' yarn!

So after spending some time looking at my stash, I decided I would try my Ryeland tops in grey. I've not spun with these beauties before and so used it as an excuse to play.

Luckily the Ryeland wants to spin very fine too and so I have a thick and thin single from cobweb to lace weight. I think this will help play out the texture in the Batt Droppings single.

I'm going to test ply the yarns today and see if I need a 3rd Ply in Ryeland as I suspect I might. I shall be back soon with more news...

Sara x - fibre and wheels available.


  1. Love your Batt Droppings - in name, texture and colour!
    Looking forward to seeing the next stage!

  2. Thanks Ali... I'm enjoying spinning them :)


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