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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Stash Morning and Date Day

It's not often we have a weekend off, so it's realy important to spend our time wisely. Last Saturday was no exception, we planned a quick trip into town to spend our Date Day.

It was a beautiful morning, we lay in bed for a while chatting and then the Postie arrived early with a  knock at the door. After answering Darrin came running back up stairs to teh bedroom arms full of post... 'Looks like your Birthday', he said. I think he was right... look at all the pretties!

I got my copy of Yarn Maker, which I must confess I haven't had time to read yet, but looks fab as always. A Pair of KnitPro needles to start my Sockhead Hat, which for those of you who follow me on social networks will know I cast on almost immediately... a sign of great needles, and easy pattern and some lovely sock yarn! I bought the needles from Meadow Yarn, an independant yarn website with some great customer service. I loved that my package smelt of Bergamot from the tea bag enclosed... what a nice little touch.

Then I purchased some Dolly Mix Acrylic Yarn (89p per 25g ball) for pending baby knits, some Azzurra wool blend yarn for a shawl I plan to knit for an Christmas gift this year... and some Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed, which I just had to add to the basket, not only to get my free shipping, but just because! That I'm hoping will be a hat for me. These came from Deramores, an on-line shop I use when I can't find the basic Acrylics I want from my local shop. They tend to be a good 'workhorse' yarn supplier, not really an artisan supplier... those I'll find at independants and directly through indie dyer websites.

So full of the joys, I was really pleased to see my first Iris of the year in my tub garden. I'm rather convinced that he has come to early with more snow forecast, but I promise to enjoy him while he resides in my tub.

The car limbed into Exeter... I really hope we can scrap together the cash for a new one before it finally gives up the ghost! We had hoped to go further a field, but dare not to chance, so Exeter it was. After running a few errands we stopped at the White Hart Pub/Hotel in South Street. I love going there to eat, as their more varied menu means as a Dairy-intolerant (eggs and milk) I get a better choice of food I can actually digest without worry of keeling over in the high street later! It's also a bit more quiet and intimate... perfect for Date Day.

As you can see we both opted for the burger... not any old burger but a Wild Boar and Chirizo burger... yum!

Bellies full, it was time to make a dash to the RAM Museum. Here we stumbled on a wonderful textile exhibition of work from the Silver Studios and the rise of the first female textile artists... a very important breakthrough in the 1930s and a breakthrough that has a connection to my past textile and fashion work. Without those Ladies I would never have been able to work as a textile designer and so it was inspiring to see some of the work and read some of the background... it's a shame there wasn't a book to go with the exhibition... maybe I'll look into that.

So not a bad day I think you will agree. Not a bad day at all...

Sara x

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