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Monday, 25 February 2013

I'm a Sock Head! A Pattern Recommendation.

I've decided to recommend patterns and tutorials as I come across them and today's first post is a recent project I really enjoyed making and love to wear.

The Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure.

It's a free pattern on Ravelry and very simple to knit.

Although the measurements given are for an adult, this universal appeal hat can easily be scaled down for children with some basic maths on the decreases.

It takes one skein of sock yarn (finer than true UK 4ply, but thicker than lace) and works well in variegated colours as well as tonal, or stripe/ombre effects... would even be stunning in a solid fashion colour.

With miles of stockinette stitch it's perfect for travel or TV knitting and can be made inside of a week.

I recommend you cast this on!

Sara x


  1. Ooo, love it! thanks for passing it along! I found it on your LinkedIn.


  2. Glad you found this Shelia... happy knitting!


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