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Friday, 22 February 2013

Customer Photos: Kristina's Blythe Dolls

The lovely Kristina of Dolly Sunday and Eaden Yarns (and one of my Instagram friends) recently shared a picture of one of her Blythe Doll projects...

'That's so cute', I said.

'It's your Massam Fleece I am using as the hair', Kristina replied.

Wow... have you seen how much work is involved here...

Firstly you must wash the fleece and wait for it to dry. This can take a week or so, dependiong on how much you have and how much Lanoline there is. Then you would have to separate the locks and individually root them into the scalp of the doll. That's a lot of time and dedication.

Thank you so much for sharing Kristina... She is beautiful!

Please check out Kristina's Etsy shop for your Blythe doll fix...

Sara x

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