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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Customer photos: Heather's Loom Made Socks in Bohemia

As I mentioned yesterday I'm very keen to work on colourways for my new yarn collection due out in March at, so it's wonderful to be able to show off some more pictures today. This is colour Bohemia;

And these are Heather's loom knit socks;

Aren't they fab? I love how different the skein weaves up. I think this will be another colour for the new collection.

I first heard of Heather's work with my yarn, back at Craft4crafters. Heather showed me her loom made fingerless gloves;

We talked for a while about Heather's not being able to knit, but understanding the principles of weaving she has taken to knitting looms to produce knitted fabrics, for socks etc. She remarked how she enjoyed the process of using my Bohemia colourway... how the pooling played out and changed on each project. I must admit I was very taken with the idea of tackling socks in this way... I'm not a sock knitter myself, but I would like to try them again at some point. Maybe I should try a knitting loom?

What is your prefered sock method?

Thank you for sharing Heather.

Sara x

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