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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Batt Club - Open at

Welcome to Batt Club!


Batt club is a monthly delivery of hand carded batts in exclusive club colourways.


So how does it work and what do you get? Firstly I open a new listing each month with a new monthly choice colourway. I will create this based on a predetermined theme of my choice.


There are two easy options, or dips;

  • Single dip @ £5.30 – choose either the stripe or haze batt
  • Double Dip @ £10.30 – choose both and save 30p.


Each batt weighs approx 50g.


I gather the purchases together and create your order to ship at a later date. These exclusive colourways will remain exclusive for 2 months before they are open on the site for general purchasing.


Each month I will open spots for the next colourway and you can sign up again.


There is also a Batt spin along on Ravelry at Join in and try someting new today!


Sara x


P.S. Batts are great for spinning, felt making, embellishing and other textile arts.

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