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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Craft4Crafters & Craft Hub Prep: Weekend Working

Weekend working is always bitter sweet... You get a lot done, but you give up your free time. However as a sole trader and small business there are times when you have to make a little sacrifice to get things done.

It's late Sunday afternoon and I feel like the sacrifice has definitely been worth it, I have so much extra done for the workshop at The Craft Hub this week and Craft4Crafters next week. Firstly I have finished my 'Starry Night' Demo for the workshop, then I also managed to get about 2.5kg of hand dyed tops dyed too. Lastly I started work on my show bunting.

Having a large craft stash can be problematic sometimes. I'm constantly trying to find new places to hide it. When it gets too much and I miss tidying it away, it can also attract attention... 'When are you going to get rid of some if this?'

Yes, I agree it is a little out of control sometimes. Despite a number of box organisers and cubby holes in the stock room, it keeps growing. I know in my heart I need to go through it all!

Fortunately this weekend 'the stash' saved my crafting life... Well not literally, but it certainly helped me out of the funk I was feeling about creating a new bunting. Creative thoughts pushed out by the haze of dyer's vinegar, I was struggling for ideas for decoration. Then I found my diamanté a, beads and embroidery floss... A moment of clarity lifted the haze.

I still have finishing touches on the first bunting and then two more to do. I hope to have these done for Craft4Crafters... Although I notice I have a corner spot at the show and so may only need two bunting lengths. Still, if I can finish three then I'm covered.

Quite productive all in all... Maybe I can afford myself a few slices of that Nougat in the fridge now?!

Hope you have enjoyed crafting this weekend?

Sara x

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