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Friday, 7 December 2012

Free Magazine Offer, Wish Lists, Loyalty Points & Gift Certificates!

December arrived so quickly, that I didn't get chance to run by this month's offers for you sooner. So here they are;

That's right, I have a limited stock of these magazines I give away each year, so here they are... come by the to get yours!

Secondly to work with this month's shop update, I wanted to remind you about some of the other website features I have for your shopping pleasure;

  • Wish Lists - On each item description there is a right hand panel with options such as 'add to wish list'. Pressing this creates a list of items saved to your account. Each wish list has it's own unique URL you can copy and paste that web address in an email to a friend, or family member. They can purchase this item for you by selecting the 'add to cart' button and proceeding to the checkout.
  • Loyalty Points - Every account order over £10 will receive loyalty points.
  • Gift Vouchers - Choose as little as £10, or as much as £100 in multiple quanities.

Happy Fluff Shopping!

Sara x

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