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Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Portia Cowl grows!

I haven't used Louisa Harding patterns before and am enjoying this one so far. I think I only made a few mistakes... most unpicked, or fudged to make up the stitch count on later rows. Not ideal granted, but actually the yarn and pattern seem very forgiving of this, so if you don't notice, I won't mind!

I'm mostly through the first lace section before the decreases. I wanted just to utilise the Teal shade, as I'm not sure the lighter shades will work for me... and I do love Teal!

What do you think?

The yarn I'm using is Harding's Nerissa, which is a cotton based Chenille single. The pattern can be found in the Yarn's pattern book, 'Nerissa' whose whimsical styling breathes bohemian life into Louisa's stunning and yet simple designs.

This is a better representation of the teal I found on google images. Here you can see the shine of the velvety chenille, which is a joy to knit with. If there were one complaint, and I think it a complaint of the Chenille yarn in general (I'm a Chenille newbie!) is that joining a second ball, or finding a knot in the ball is tricky... particularly in a lace knit. Now bear in mind I haven't blocked my knitting yet, but even so I'm worried about how these joins will show through lacey holes. They also seem to be quite weak... I have already had to rescue one knot that unravelled! As a tighter knitter this is an issue that worries me... how will the rest of the knit progress and how will these weak areas wear over time? We shall see, eh?! Have you used Chenille? Have you any tips for me?

Of course having said all of this I do think I would use the yarn again and certainly will knit more of these adorable patterns.

Thank you Louisa Harding... you are making me a very happy knitter!

What is on your needles that makes you happy today? Share links so I can see them... I'm always happy to find new patterns you recommend!

Sara x



  1. Hi Sara, I don't knit but I love that wool! Its so tactile. Beautiful pattern, look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  2. Thank you Laney... I've just started teh ribbing now, so am about half way through and loving it!


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