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Friday, 9 November 2012

Fleece Club 2012 Winner - Pia

A big thank you to evryone who took part this year in my very first Fleece Club. I had an amazing responce and some wonderful spin-a-long buddies.

Pia aka Troldefoder was our winner. Here is some of her work using the fleece samples;

This is Manx, Zwartbles, Gotland and a white cat I don't recall collecting, lol! 

Handspun Devon Longwool.

Pia's own design mittens using Ryeland, Manx, Lleyn and Zwartbles.

After some great feedback I am very proud to announce a new club at will open to newsletter members 22nd March 2013.

I'm already planning fleeces and extras!

Sara x

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