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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Crochet Slippers... my second crochet project ever!

I haven't been crocheting long... a matter of weeks, with a few stitches per day, so planning a second project was a bit scary without Mum on hand to help.

I went through my queue on Ravelry and found that I didn't have any crochet patterns at all, so restarted my search. The parameters were simple, it had to be easy and quick, so that I wouldn't get frustrated.

I came across a pattern by Erica Jackofsky, Simple Crochet Slippers, which reminded me of Espadrilles. After printing out the pattern I began to feel very lost... It wasn't that the pattern lacked direction, I just didn't understand how I was starting and what my stitch pattern/3-D form should look like... and that frightened me off. I think this is one for later, when I have had a bit of practise doing 3-D, rather than flatwork,

So I spent a few days ruminating about this... surely I could figure something out myself? So yesterday I started my own creation, using very basic rectangle constructions and a bit of sewing manipulation.

They didn't take me long and I'm able to wear them tonight... great, because it's a bit chilly! What d'ya think?

Now I have made one pair I know where I need to learn about shaping... and so with time I hope to perfect my own slipper pattern that I can use again and again.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend... back to work tomorrow for me... and hopefully weather permitting some dye tests!

Sara x


  1. Sara..your own design slippers are fantastic - you must have a fabulously creative brain to work out the pattern and reproduce it twice but in mirror image! Well done - particularly as its only your second ever crochet project. I'm into my second week crocheting...hearts and flowers are my thing at the mo...but from patterns!
    Keep up the fab work - it'll be another great way to showcase your fibres!
    Ali x

  2. Thank you Ladies!

    I am going to practise Ali... maybe if I get something I think is worth creating a pattern for I will add it here.

    Flowers are a bit beyond me at the moment, but would love to see what you have made... I shall pop over to your blog.

    Sara xx

  3. What a clever way of making crochet slippers. I think I'll give it a go between my felt work.

  4. I kept it basic... I'm hoping to change the design as I learn a bit more. Sx


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