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Friday, 4 February 2011

New at Sara's Texture Crafts!

 Product of the Month:


These bags are full of scraps, more than broken tops. They are ideal for felting, carding into batts for spinning, or embelishing.
The scraps range from bag to bag in colour and content... most of each bag will probably be Merino, but you must expect traces of other wool and animal fibres, silks and beyond!
You can find these on my Sale Page.

Embellishing Projects
Got an Embellisher for Christmas, but not sure how to use wool fibre on it to create felt?

Here's a quick tutorial for you… How to use your embellisher with fibre

You can use any mix of wool, plant/silk, or synthetic fibres to create your projects. Here's my fibre shop to help… FIBRE SHOP

Craft Inspiration:

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