Saturday, 19 September 2009

Guess what came past my front door yesterday...

Lot's of men in tiny shorts... the Tour of Britain, a cycling race! It certainly cheered me up!


Forgive the vids, they were on my mobile... can't quite work out how to rotate the screen, so you will have to crane your neck, sorry!


Sara x


narkeymarkey said...

how cool?!

we travelled to peebles on monday to see the only stage to come through scotland. it was fantastic :) the shops in the town were all decorated, there were so many people, as well as lots of men in lycra!

never thought i would say this, but i'm tempted by the tour de france next year, having watched it on tv for the past five years with my o-h.

florcita said...

aaah nothing better than men in tight shorts! Only reason why I watch sports! ahahaha

Wipso said...

Nothing nicer than a nice bum in lycra eh? :-) A x

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I definately recommend going to see it if you can... but make sure you are either at the start or finish of the race to make a day of it, because it only took them 1.5 minutes to pass me!! Not nearly long enough to put out a 'Sponsered by Sara's Texture Crafts' sign!!


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