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Friday, 26 December 2008

How do you celebrate Christmas/holidays? What traditions do you have?

No I'm not back, yet... Fortunately my blogging Merygoround friends asked me this last month, so this is a forward post... naturally being Boxing Day I hope to have carefully winched myself into an almost upright position, with a box of indigestion tablets in one hand and the remote control in the other... ready to throw at the telly in another annual 'Can't believe there's nothing on the bloody telly again' ritual!

This year is somewhat different to normal, usually myself and my beloved D are saying 'goodbye' to one set of family to visit the other... Christmas is a traveling time for us, usually cross country! It's almost like staying in hotels you could say, only occasionally I am asked to help cook, tidy up, or keep the kids from tearing the place apart in an attempt to find their presents! Although normally an over excited Aunty Sara is tempted to join in and often gets us into trouble with someone far more mature and restrained that she!

Christmas is a time for family to me and I enjoy spending it with the people I love the most, whether it's over eating both Mum's fantastic Christmas dinner, playing games, walking off dinner or watching a movie... yes, Christmas day and Boxing day are lazy days for me... well, why not we've worked all year!

If we're lucky occasionally I slip out the back with D and we go for a quick drink with some friends around tea time... like us, most of our friends live quite far away from home now, so Christmas, like weddings are really the only time we get to catch up. So down to the pub and a long walk home reminiscing the old college days... when life was a little less responsible.

But as anyone who knows me will tell you, Christmas starts a lot earlier than the few weeks before... oh, yes... for me it starts the day after my birthday in mid-November... no idea why... just does! I get an urge to go see the Christmas decorations up in town and visit the Christmas shop in Selfridges and Liberty's. I also get ideas about making Christmassy food and like to play a Christmas CD now and again. Good job D doesn't work at home... I think I'd drive him as insane as I have many a work colleague... and don't tell me it's too early or I'll turn it up and call you a 'Humbug'!!

This year as I said will be quite different. Myself and the old man D have decided to stay home... so just the two of us, at home... will be a nice change (or maybe as we speak I've rather on purposely missed the telly with the remote and hit D square in the eyes out of sheer bloody boredom... would I?... no, no... would I? She questions... We'll see, I guess!). The last year has been very busy here, so a nice quite Christmas at home is just what we need. D will be happy I've got him a dinner plate size Yorkshire pudding to eat his Christmas dinner out of... not traditional I know, but the boy likes to eat (just can't figure out why he's like a rake though... they said age would get him... it hasn't yet... what age exactly, did you say? I'm still waiting!) I'll see if I can steady my hand on my belly long enough to take a picture... like Monty Python's Mr. Creosote, one 'waffer thin mint' across these lips should be just about all it will take to cause an explosion!

Then there are the presents... can't go mad this year, I'm sure everyone's in the same boat... so I've been thinking I might do a repeat of our very first Christmas day together and wrap up his Brussel sprouts individually and pop them into his stocking! Anyone who was a fan of the British TV comedy 'Bottom' will appreciate that!

So something a little different this year, but one thing will always remain the same... I want to laugh and laugh and laugh! That to me is the sign of a good Christmas!!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone... I hope you enjoy it in what ever form Christmas is Christmas to you!

Sara xx
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  1. Absolutely adore the individually wrapped brussels sprouts idea, (note to self: must nick it for next year) that just had me crying with laughter! We too had a quiet Christmas, more wine to go around so we love it that way!!

  2. Hope the Yorkshire pud rose well and you and D had a lovely couple of days together. Good to start new traditions every once in a while. Merry Christmas

  3. Laughing is wonderful. So wonderful to read that you want to laugh and laugh. Life is wonderful, isn't?

  4. hahahahhaaa - wrapping each sprout up individualy! That is classic british humour at it's best!

  5. so a christmas fanatic are we? I nice cozy christmas is nice as well. I hope you had fun!

  6. Thanks so much for that, Sara. You made me laugh - we've done the 'waffer thin mint' gag in this house several times this Christmas - great every time!
    I hope you've enjoyed your quiet Christmas. Did you give in and go visiting anyway?? All the very best to you. Lovely to have 'met' you this year. Here's to 2009 - see you then!
    xx C

  7. Wrapping sprouts individually. Heh.

    Hope you had a great holiday and have a happy new year!

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  8. You were early, I was very late, but I finally got around to publishing my own post...

    I love laughing as a tradition!

    A very Happy, Lucky New Year to you!

  9. Oh I had a wonderful Christmas Thank you all... it was a nice quite break, exactly what we needed this year.

    I know it's late, but I'm back so I'll pop over and find out what you have all been up to!

    Sara xxx


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