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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Craft Book Review: Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle

Title: Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle
Author: Tone Finnanger
Publisher: David & Charles
ISBN: 13-978-0-7153-2961-0
ISBN: 10-0-7153-2961-8
Price: £12.99

I was looking for some new inspiration for my Christmas d├ęcor when I came across this book and was immediately spellbound by the candy-coloured cover… I just had to get a copy!

I got it home and gently opened the cover, trying not to drool in anticipation! I was certainly not disappointed… Tone Finnanger has such a wonderful eye for modern cottage and ‘shabby-chic’ styling.

Colourful and creative projects take us through each room of the home, so from table settings to hat-stands, there is plenty for us to coo over. I even found myself imagining creating some of these projects for more permanent home features. There are many techniques that translate to more permanent projects.

Oh and did I mention the clothing, toys and complete Christmas packaging projects? This is becoming a book for modern ‘shabby-chic’ living the more pages I turn…adorable!!

As much as I love and thoroughly recommend this book, I’m secretly hoping that you will have missed my review until after I’ve re-decorated!!

Reviewed by Sara Millis of Sara’s Texture Crafts

This review can also be found at as part of my contributions on DIY City Magazine and The Textile Directory.


  1. Thanks Sara, I'm definately looking out for the book!

  2. No problem... let me know if you get it what you end up making... there's so many of the projects that I want to start!!


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