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Friday, 7 November 2008

Colour in Spinning, a craft book.

By Deb Menz
Publisher: Interweave Press
ISBN 13-978-1-931499-82-8
ISBN 10-1-931-499-82-9
Price: £19.99

Wow, what a great reference book for spinners primarily, but also for anyone interested in the subject of colour and fibre arts.

You start by learning about colour and how to create eye catching complimentary blends, and whilst this is an in-depth subject you do feel as if you come away with lots of new ideas for exploration and experimentation in your work. Be you a knit or crochet addict, a spinner or a felter… this chapter alone is worth the book price.

Next, Deb Menz discusses dyeing processes both semi-industrial and home techniques and discusses them step by step. We are even treated to a whole chapter on hand painting and dyeing roving lengths, which is great for personal projects that need that very special mix of colour. I’ve personally never carded or spun yarn from fibre before, so the next few chapters were perfect for me… we are shown how to choose and use relevant equipment and to how to blend our created colours and chosen fibre bases to create batts. Finally the book takes us through the combing and spinning processes and onto our final yarns ready for use.

I’m so glad I came across this book. I’m definitely going to keep this next to my other great reference books and endeavour to come back to it chapter by chapter through my learning.
I fully recommend this book to anyone interested in fibre arts, this book will give a you a new found respect for an art form all of it’s own!

This review can also be found at as part of my contributions on DIY City Magazine and The Textile Directory.

Sara x

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