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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I Finished My Mini Top Hat for the Wedding!

Do you remember Crafts of Texture: A Surprise Visit, A Wedding and a Mini Top Hat!? Well, I have finished it and am ready to show you how it looks... now think glamorous wedding at a castle in Devon and me walking up the isle with the flower girls for my sister and definitely a new dye job on the roots!... Can you see it? Well this is what I shall be wearing on my head...

What do you think? I hope it looks ok...

Sara x


  1. That is beyond adorable! It looks fantastic!

  2. Thank you so much... I need to make the rest of the jewellery and a little bag to go with now... Hmmm let's see...

  3. WOW I love little hats, cant wait to see the bag!!
    You are so talented!!!

  4. Thank you guys!

    I'm currently working on how best to keep it on my head... hair grips and plenty of spray to hold the elastic in place, I'm hoping will do the trick!


  5. Look at you! Brilliant xx Go and enjoy...

  6. I Love it ! Very cute and modern.
    I need one for a new years eve pary. How did you make it? and can you recommend any links to websites for advise ? x

  7. Hi,

    I bought the mini top hat base from a local supplier... they are quite expensive though... around £25.

    I decorated the hat myself to my own design, creating the felt beads, beading and adding some feathers I bought at a local craft shop. It took me a couple of days to get it done, with the drying time.

    It's quite easy to do, but it does cost!

    I don't know of any websites to give you instructions, but you can buy fully decorated hats from eBay, Etsy, DaWanda and other shopping sites... it will be your best bet to get something now for New Year!

    Good Luck and HAPPY 2009,
    Sara x


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