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Friday, 22 February 2008

Making a Mini Directory of Crafty Places!

You may have read previously about DIY City Guides, a great new resource site set up for artists and crafters. Well I'm very pleased to say that I've been asked to help with some London based resource information... you know like craft shops, fabric shops, craft shows and the like that you can physically visit. This is something that I have already been doing here under catagories;

Craft, Fabric and Haberdasheries
Shows,Fairs and Markets

So do keep an eye out for more information popping up over the next few months!

Here's my page over on DIY City Guides:

I would also love to provide the DIY City Guide with resource information in other cities and countries, so do send me your articles and if you are a seller, your shop links so that I can pass the information on at the time of publish... here's one a very talented friend has written for us already State Fair of Texas, Dallas by Guest Writer Tana Dixon

If you are interested in writing an article... here are the details A Call to Guest writers

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