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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

A Little Bit of Love!

I'm a firm believer in Karma and that if you show a little love, in some way you'll get it right back... well I promise you it does work sometimes!

With it's ups and downs this week (my printer died on Monday night, so I had to run around trying to get it fixed this morning!) has been one of those weeks, but even so I really have felt that little bit of love coming right back at me!

Firstly, I found I was featured in a fellow Etsian's treasury. So a big 'Thank you' to Yipestoo of A.M. - P.M. Creations.

And secondly the very lovely Agathe of Le Bar du Vent featured me on her brilliant new blog. This is the link to the article Meet Sara Millis of Sara's Texture Crafts and again on her indiepublic page at Meherio68. Thank you Agathe for your support!

Please pop over to their shops on Etsy and DaWanda... you will find some lovely pieces.

Sara x


  1. congrats on the treasury. Hope it brings sales your way!

  2. Hi Sara,

    Congratulations on making the treasury and being the featured artist on Le Bar du Vent's blog!

    That's great exposure for you. I hope it brings many more good things your way.


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