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Friday, 31 August 2007

A call to Guest Writers!

I am looking for artists and crafters from all backgrounds, disciplines and skill levels to add guest writer articles to my blog ‘Crafts of Texture’. I want to share with my readers all kinds of art and craft experiences, from tips and advice to markets, fairs and historical background. I am hoping that with your help we can extend our crafting community, by sharing our own love of what we do.

To enter your article you don’t need to be trained, sell your own work, or even have your own blog, the only thing I ask is that your article reflects both your passion for crafts and of course, texture in some way!

Please note that each article will read… (Topic name) by Guest Writer (Your Name).

If you are interested, please email me at Sara’s Texture Crafts - email and I will send you the finer details of each topic.

Topic list:

Topic 1: Craft Shows, Fairs and Markets Around the World
Topic 2: Craft, Fabric and Haberdashery Shops Around the World
Topic 3: Museums and Exhibitions Around the World – Here is my last post Museum Focus #1 - Unwrap Japan at Horniman
Topic 4: Art and Craft Exhibitions Around the World
Topic 5: Craft Tip of the Day
Topic 6: Craft Tutorial of the Day
Topic 7: My Favourite Artist (A short bio)
Topic 8: A Concise History of a Craft
Topic 9: Craft Workshops Around the World
Topic 10: Business Tip of the Day
Topic 11: Street Art
Topic 12: Arts and Crafts Projects Around the World

Also remember that all photos should have copyright logos on them to protect your work. This also protect the rights of the guest writer and the artist/photographer/crafter involved. If you can't copyright your photos, please note that I do have a disclaimer written on this blog... so I have asked for protection of the blog and it's contents.

Thank you,
Sara x


  1. Ello! Thanks for the comment, I love your post about the museum, the kids and I love our local museums - one of the perks of living in a city I think! It looks like just my kind of exhibition too..

    Your blog puts mine to shame!

    Thanks for the good wishes!

    Bea xx

  2. If I ever sit down and write an article I will definitely contact you! Having a guest writer is such a neat idea!!!

  3. Definately bear me in mind Keelyb - I would love to hear from you!

  4. Hi Sara
    You have an amazing blog! I have several posts on my blog that I could probably send over to you for articles. Check mine out and see if you are interested...

  5. TPDesign - would love to have you! Sara x


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